Sydney Australia

Bio: I am hoping to put down some ideas and opinions that seem important to me as I approach my 84th birthday. I have had a career as a veterinarian specialising in infectious diseases of poultry and have only recently retired from active engagement in paid work in that sphere. I have 6 children and am stepfather to a further 3. These 9 have produced 17 grandchildren ranging from 7 to 26 years of age. I have been ecstatically happily married to Meyrick for almost 30 years and share my entire life with her. I am convinced that age does not automatically produce wisdom but at least it may produce experience and I intend to ruminate on some experiences and hope to offer some serious insights that others may find useful. The themes that should develop range from the realities we all “know” from our own experience, through cosmology to change, evolution, ethics and then to consideration of how we may make our lives more fruitful and how we may seek to improve the human condition. I propose to base my views on evidence and logical processes. I do not expect to be perfectly correct but I will try seriously hard to be so. Public email address is: pgilchrist108@gmail.com

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