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  4. JUST SO



Paul Gilchrist 6-12-2014

Excited by an account

of explorers going where

no foot had tread before

to discover the surprise of the new.


I recall the postholes

dug on our farm

to carry the wires to keep

stock in and out.


My crowbar and spade

exposed soil and clay

unopened since  the young earth

not seen by human eyes


The earth  was dug

and piled aside

to wait for a post

stood in its place.


Back-filled earth

firmly tamped down

wires threaded

tightened and tied.


Our paddock served

to separate stock

enclose our territory and

mark our stewardship.




Paul Gilchrist

Whether as ripples in a pond, or

red colour in a scene of grey, it

breaks into my mind, in a

sudden moment, of

unexpected joy,



Whether making an entrance, or

casting a stone into the pool, the

suddenness is its start and the

ripples give it status, that

assumes the mantle, and

keeps it there.


Every splash has a start, an

effect, and a

fading to oblivion, from whence

it came, awaiting a

new impetus, to further change the

substrate, for another brief fling.


So make a splash.

Watch what happens.

It is one way to learn.

Watching and copying.

Wondering and dreaming.

Fantasy and invention.


Make a splash.

Show you are here

You exist.

Have an effect.

However tiny.

You know it.



Paul Gilchrist


Grey dawn light shows

A distant hill

In fierce abrupt outlines

Mist drape dropping


Kangaroo patriarch

For the moment busy feeding

While the kids play fighting nearby

Briefly the flash of a fox


Dimmed to grey

In the still poor light

Across the rounded thigh of

The next hill and away


Did the ‘roo see it?

Gone – on with his life

So not gone

Just away



  1. JUST SO

Paul Gilchrist 21-10-2012



Don’t know how

Don’t know why

Clear as that

Just do



Just happens too

Feeds stuff in

Means something

Just does


A picture

Settles in

Memory holds it all

Comes back when I call

Just neat


Other thoughts join in

There is a message there

Has a meaning

With other thoughts

Just fits


The meaning

Helps explain

What I need




Paul Gilchrist


One morning (Lewis Carrol might be offended)


‘Twas misty, not brillig

There were no slithy toves, just cormorants No wabe in which to gyre and gimble

Just the wake of the 6.40 AM ferry

To break upon the shore


The Godwits strutting and fretting

Their couple of hours upon the mud flat

To get a feed by drilling their stretch beaks

Into every tiny wormhole – in hope

Before the tide swells back


Across the water beyond the boats at moorings

Lies the bay of detention of the Political Prisoners

Britain saw fit to collect from Quebec and cast off here

French Canadians gave the place its name

Now just the Municipality of Canada Bay


Where no absolute waterfront impinges on public shore

Along the bayside track walkers greet the dawn

And some greet one another peremptorily

Others avert eyes or hide behind sunnies

To keep apart and do their exercises alone


Some smile and greet in Italian accents

Others just smile and pass on with breakfast ahead

Couples in silence, pairs chatting, singles maybe sadly

Blonde with centre part and a sunny smile

Cheery chap with beanie cap calls the weather


Heron presents its whiteface to the fishlings it seeks

Raven patrols the shoreline for any opportunity

Ibis parachute in to check the provisions

One family of sparrows hang in a bush above a mini-cliff

Occasionally, silvereyes and bulbul join them


Stop to see the stately pelican swoop into the bay

Searches for something delectable along the shore

Before landing with outstretched feet on water top

To patrol the shallows and grab slow fish

Then take off for some other spot who knows where


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