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The themes that I am interested range from the realities we all “know” from our own experience, through cosmology to change, evolution, ethics and then to consideration of how we may make our lives more fruitful and how we may seek to improve the human condition.

In my BLOGPOSTS I intend to work my way through these topics by a weekly POST. I guess the system allows for comments and I welcome polite comments. I expect I will be able to cut out trolls and other clowns but I do not intend to be a censor as I anticipate that inputs from serious commentators will contribute to my project.

I start from the point that is available to each of us at any time. We may each stop at any moment and consider what there is that we actually know in an unequivocal fashion. I suggest that each of us is fully aware that:
• I am unique – I am not anyone else
• I am constant – I was present to myself yesterday and I will still be present to me tomorrow
• My thoughts are private – While I keep my trap shut
• I am “here” – I am not anywhere else
• “Here” is part of a wider place – Space
• Where I am, changes – Time is a measure of that change
• I am present in both space and time or, more correctly, space/time

I am aware that some philosophers suggest that these things are all illusions but, if that is so, at least they are “my” illusions and I live in that illusory world and still would like to know more about it. I will call them realities and seek to know more about them.
These realities raise some questions:
What am I? How did I get here?
What are my surroundings? What is “here”?
How did “here” get here?
What changes “here”? How did “change” start?
Are there any “why” questions? I propose that “why” is the wrong question. We should only ask HOW? Not WHY?
“Why” questions imply a “causer” of things and presuppose a purpose behind change. Only humans can give a purpose to things. It is true that everything and every event must have had a predecessor but we are actually interested in how things happen, not why as there is no need for a reason.

Hippocrates (B.C. 460-370) said:
Science is the father of knowledge, but opinion breeds ignorance.
Leszczynski Stanislaus (1677-1766)said:
Science when well digested is nothing but good sense and

At my age I am encouraged to go ahead with this BLOG by the following article from The Conversation, 24 January 2014, 2.18pm AEST



Paul 30-01-14